Hello ! I'm Ludmila Duarte, a passionate and versatile artist based in SAo Paulo, Brazil.

From a young age, I've been captivated by the many forms of art, immersing myself in the worlds of music, dance, photography, and sports. My journey has always been fueled by my sensitivity, which allows me to create deep connections, explore my surroundings, and push my limits. I am fascinated by life, movement and the continuous process of reinventing myself through art.

In recent years, I have discovered a new passion for design, which has become a powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth. As I dive deeper into the world of visuals, I find myself constantly pushing boundaries, expanding my skillset, and reimagining how I can express my creativity.

︎  l.duarte@lecolededesign.com

︎  instagram : lduarte.design 

︎ +33 766 84 05 41