10 years of studio 


︎ DATADOT is a brazilian design studio focused in infovis and visual narratives, As highly experienced and award-winning information designers, they celebrate a decade of creativity and innovation in the studio.

The studio commissioned me to create a one-minute animation
that employs geometric shapes to encapsulate and illustrate
the breadth of possibilities DATADOT offers.

The studio's primary mission is to transform unorganized and complex data into coherent, accessible visual representations, including graphics and infographics.

a narrative of the power of design to clarify, communicate, and captivate.

Animation: ludmila DUArte

Storyboard: Flávia Marinho,
Otávio Burin, Quintino Andrade.

 The animation journey was designed to guide viewers through a seamless transformation.

Each geometric shape cleverly unfolds
to reveal layers of meaning, symbolizing DataDot's ability to distill intricate information into clear and engaging
graphics and infographics.

this animation stands as a testament to their mission – to render the invisible visible and the incomprehensible, starkly apparent.


︎  l.duarte@lecolededesign.com

︎  instagram : lduarte.design 

︎ +33 766 84 05 41